Blooming again!

The Schools competition is now open!

bee 705412 640The Swansea in Bloom Group is inviting all primary schools in Swansea to enter the 2019 annual gardening competition.

To enter your school, please register here today - making sure that 'Schools' is selected under the 'Class' option.

The deadline for entries is May 26th, and other key dates will be posted on the website in due course, and notified to you by email.

The Group sincerely hopes as many schools as possible will enter the competition this year, and looks forward to receiving your registrations.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us a message.

New officers appointed

The Swansea in Bloom group has appointed new officers and is now gearing up for this year’s gardening competition.

The first event will be the schools competition, which will be judged in June and July 2019. This will be followed by the main competition for individual, community and business entries.

Long standing committee member Paul Chillington has taken over as chairman, and Ian Norton, who’s been managing the website for the past 18 months, is now secretary.

“The SIB volunteer group has now reformed and intends to provide bigger and better events than ever,” said Paul, who remains responsible for taking photos and videos of the winning entries.

“I’ve seen first hand the amazing results of hard work, dedication and commitment shown by so many people over the years, without which SIB could not succeed.

“If you’re proud of your floral displays and are happy to share them with others to encourage new entrants, please let us know. And if you’ve never entered before, now is your chance. The judges are human after all!”

The SIB committee asks any individual, school or business interested in entering this year’s competition to register with the website here.

SIB is still looking for more volunteers to help with the organisation of the competition, and anyone interested can apply through the volunteer form on the website.

Sponsorship is also an issue, and the committee says that any businesses prepared to contribute to the running costs of the competition would receive appropriate publicity.

Paul Chillington concluded: “With your assistance and involvement we can make Swansea in Bloom a first class show of the floral delights on offer in our city and county.”

Until 2017 the city council provided financial and administrative assistance each year, while the SIB volunteers arranged the planning, judging and the presentations.

Funding and support from the Council was withdrawn in 2018 due to austerity cuts and the competition had to be cancelled. Now, however, it’s all set to bloom again.

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