A message from the chairman

This year of 2019 has been different and unusual for many reasons. 

At the beginning of the year a few people met to discuss the future of Swansea in Bloom.

 There was no competition in 2018 due to Swansea Council withdrawing support. 

In our first meeting it was felt we should restart the two competitions to see what response there would be. 

Looking back now I am glad the half a dozen volunteers took that decision and pulled their weight to manage both competitions.

There has been a tremendous amount of work just for the few, but we managed it, and according to many we shared enjoyable events.

I am very grateful to the committee members and the sponsors who made this possible.

We would like to expand the future of SIB but we cannot do it without the help of people like you as volunteers as well as major financial support. Please support us in whatever way you can for 2020.

If you have any comments please let us know, and I hope we can rely on your involvement in the future.

Have a happy Christmas and healthy New Year.

Paul Chillington, chairman