Your garden photos

Above, Eira from Oystermouth Primary
measures her seedlings

Your lockdown gardens

Many thanks to you all for sending in so many photos of your great gardens! But please keep them coming - we have plent of room for more...

And we've got another great scheme going as well.

We're aware that during these strange times, gardens are being used in many different and imaginative ways to suit the needs of those accessing them in 'lockdown'.

We thought that it would be fun and interesting to have some photographic evidence of this to add to our collection of Swansea in Bloom photos and act as a record of this unusual year.  

For example, teachers have been in touch telling how their children are building assault courses and fitness circuits in their gardens as part of their Home Learning. Other ideas include gardens being used as home gyms, yoga retreats, food production areas, workstations (as garden sheds are used as offices), classrooms, dog exercise areas, community bookshops, workshops, nature reserves, badminton courts and much more!

We've already had a couple of activity contributions from Oystermouth Primary which you can see here.

Above, Stephen from Penllergaer
sent in this contribution

So, please share with us your photos of how you are using your gardens in different ways in Spring/Summer 2020 by sending your snaps with short captions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And don't forget to keep sending us snaps of the flowers and vegetables in your garden as well - we love what you've sent so far!

You can see all your garden photos on our website here.

Have fun and enjoy your gardens!

SIB Secretary