It's time to get growing!

blackboard smallThe SIB 2020 gardening competition for schools is now open for entries

So it's time to dig out those garden tools and start making plans for the spring.

Based on what we learned from last year we're making some changes to this year's event.

The most important of these is that we're asking all schools to keep a journal including photographs showing the children's progress as they work towards the judging day. The children taking part will be asked to meet the judges and talk to them about their work.

This will enable the judges to make a fairer assessment of the school's achievement and provide a record for the schools to keep.

It will also help in the event of vandalism, which sadly has sometimes happened in the past, by providing a record to present to the judges, so all will not be lost.

Also, last year some of our emails went astray when we were trying to pass on important information. So this year we're asking you all to include the school secretary's contact details if you are not that person.

There is a drop down menu on the entry form where you can confirm whether or not you are the secretary.

Finally, we are simplifying the competition this year by dividing the entries into just two areas - Swansea East and Swansea West - instead of the four we organised last year.

The schools will be sub-divided into primary, ages 3-11, secondary, ages 11+, and special needs.

Important dates children

Please make a note of these important dates:

  • Please complete your entry forms by June 3rd. Late entries cannot be accepted.

  • Judging will take place between June 10th and June 19th

  • Deadline for returning your awards ceremony RSVPs - June 29th

  • The awards ceremony will take place in the Swansea Scout Hall, Brynmill, on July 7th

All competing schools will be contacted prior to judging and an apointment made for the judges to visit, and all competing schools will be invited to the awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, best of luck in the competition, and happy gardening!

Please click here for the entry form.