Garden activities

The fine weather this spring has enabled many of us to make the most of our gardens during lockdown.

Here we show the kind of things some of you have been doing...


  • Liv Williams

    Liv Williams

    Liv Williams, Y3 teacher with Oystermouth Primary, takes a break from home learning and uses her garden as a gym!

  • Kath Ferguson

    Kath Ferguson

    Kath Ferguson, Y4 Teacher and Expressive Arts Coordinator with Oystermouth Primary School, has converted her garden shed into an office and film studio.

    She uses it to prepare home learning for the children in her class, and creates explanatory movies for them.

    Many thanks to Kath for suggesting this feature for the SIB website.

  • Bella, from Oystermouth Primary

    Bella, from Oystermouth Primary

    Bella, from Oystermouth Primary, is using her garden for a wide variety of activities, including a restaurant, a gym, an outdoor kitchen, a classroom, a construction site and a music studio, above!

  • Ethan from Oystermouth Primary

    Ethan from Oystermouth Primary

    Ethan using his garden as a science laboratory to study lifecycles.

  • Megan, from Oystermouth Primary

    Megan, from Oystermouth Primary

    Megan has opened a 'family only' shop in her back garden...